Palace om England
While I was on my tour in England, I got a chance to see these spectacular sites.
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God’s Creation Episode 2

This is a brief video , rather only a few glimpses of my trip to England, where I happened to cover England & Scottish Highlands. It was an immense eye opener to see such highlands and be among the highest ranges (Apple Cross).

The drive to Apple Cross was most enjoyable with my brother on the wheels and I as the navigator, we went along conquering the roads following the rules and the A & B roads along with the motorways.


Coming back to home from work and sipping tea overlooking this amazing lake and the view of sunset is just mesmerizing. #relaxedevening

Rise and Shine

This image was captured from the balcony of my house, overlooking the Bangalore City (South). A still shot of the hustle bustle of the city.

We should all once in a while stop and look at our surrounding beauty (God’s creation) and enjoy all of it for as long as we can and appreciate it.


To represent the Star of Bethlehem during Christmas season, as part of celebrations sky lanterns are released into the night sky with hopes towards a new year. In Bengal and Northeast India, Buddhist people celebrate their Probarona Purnima which signifies end of their three-month lent by releasing lighted sky lanterns (fanush), it is the second largest festival of the Buddhist community. During Diwali festival (The festival of Light) eco-friendly sky lanterns are used for celebrations along with fireworks.

source: wikipedia

We all should learn to respect nature and give it back positively and unconditionally … #rahilsannoo

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